Business Need A Marketing Push? Try These Great Tips


Marketing over mobile services is one of the most modern ways to market your goods. Read the following information for some great ideas on how mobile marketing can help you with your business.

To achieve the highest success rate in your mobile marketing campaigns, only send the most valuable offers that you have available. By doing this you make sure your customers don’t get annoyed and actually get excited when they see a new offer.

You always have the option of sharing apps with your customers, but were you aware that you can create the majority of these applications yourself? You could create your own personal app for your business which would be unique and would help make your mobile market thrive. There are many different features from which you can choose when designing your apps.

Try to find out as much as you can about your target demographics when mobile marketing, because then you can target what they want and need. You will make sure that your ad will be well received.

Mobile marketing can bring in profits very quickly. More people than ever are downloading apps and using social networking sites on their smart-phones. Both of these areas are ideal starting points for expanding your mobile marketing campaign. You must be willing to present your products and services to customers in their preferred environment.

Location is the key to effective mobile marketing. Mobile marketing gives you the opportunity to broadcast your location. This ability opens up a world of possibilities that are exclusive to this particular type of media. Consider what it can do for your business and how a location-based marketing strategy could work for you.

Make sure you give the right type of audience something of value. When you are sending messages to people not in your immediate circle of friends, grab their attention by providing something of value. For example, you might win over corporate types with a promo code for dinner at a fine restaurant nearby. If you want to target the middle-class family, your offer should be something related to family.

Do a test on usability. If customers can not easily view your content, they will most likely just dismiss it. Establish a test group of co-workers, family members and friends that you can test your ads out on before sending them to your mailing list.

Social media is what people do most when they are using their mobile devices, using it when you are marketing is essential. Rewarding customers who share a TwitPic or who forward deals to friends is a great way to expand your customer base. They will in turn connect you with their contacts, which will get you more exposure.

Get involved with a picture-to-screen campaign. This allows customers’ mobile phones to take pictures. They can then just send the pictures using a short code so that they can be displayed on the digital screen immediately. You can display these pictures in any format you wish.

There are ways you can improve on your advertising. And keep close tabs on your primary competitors! If you follow the advice from this article, you should be able to successfully compete in the mobile marketing arena.

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Advice To Help You Meet Your Social Media Marketing Goals


If you want to produce a good amount of income from your online presence, social media marketing is going to be your best friend. See the advice in the article below to find out how you can harness the power of social media to bring customers to your business.

Remaining professional is important even though social networks have altered the way we talk to one another. Although you can be more personal on a social network than when using other forms of communication, you also need to keep your communications professional. Don’t get too chatty or friendly with customers. Don’t argue, just delete the comments or posts that aren’t constructive. You should always maintain a separate personal profile that will not be used to conduct business matters.

Remaining active is very important in social media marketing. This is because the sites are social in nature. If you aren’t constantly updating your followers, they will go elsewhere as your campaign goes stale. Alternatively, social media campaigns consisting of fresh, current content can offer tremendous levels of success.

Pay attention to the times users re-tweet or reply to your Twitter messages. This data will help you target the best time of day to send your own tweets. Consider using a messaging service that will automatically send your tweets out at the precise times you have calculated as being more profitable in terms of responses and re-tweets.

Make a plan before you go forth in social media marketing. You need to know the basics: how much time and money to spend, who to put in charge of social media accounts, and what you want each page to look like. A timeline is necessary if you are to be successful. Success relies on your ability to stay on target.

The less your customer has to do upfront, the more likely they are to seek information on your company. Consumers are busy and often do not have time to answer detailed surveys or supply large amounts of information immediately upon entering your site. You also risk losing their trust if you ask for too much right away. By making the first things they do simple and going from there, they’ll be gradually introduced to your company, which will increase the chances that they won’t leave.

Make the headline interesting to get attention from your customers. Try posing a question that they will be interested in learning the answer to. Also, make sure that you incorporate exciting words such as “amazing” or “intriguing”. When people become curious, they are far more likely to click your links than just pass them by.

Contests are wonderful ways to increase your fan base. A lot of people like participating in competitions. If you run a Facebook competition, you will quickly gain interested subscribers. When you do your marketing in the right way, it doesn’t take all that much time to manifest a sizable fan base.

You’ll notice a little traffic and then you will begin getting customers from all across your target market. If you do this correctly and sell the right kind of product, your customers will keep coming back and will also tell their friends.

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Nestlé puts QR codes at center of global effort to provide nutritional information

By Chantal Tode


Nestle has launched a global initiative leveraging QR codes on the packaging for its numerous brands to provide consumers with instant access to pertinent information about an item, including its nutritional profile as well as the environmental and social impacts of its products.

Retail stores in Britain will be the first to carry products featuring the new packaging. Consumers who purchase a multi-pack of two-finger Kit Kat chocolate bars will be able to scan the packaging with a smartphone to find out what the bars are made of, how they fit into a balanced diet and lifestyle and how they were produced.

“We have a lot of information about the nutritional value and the environmental and social impacts of what we produce, and it makes sense to share that with consumers,” said Philippe Aeschlimann, a spokesman for Nestlé SA, Vevey, Switzerland.


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Advice To Help You Meet Your Social Media Marketing Goals

Advice To Help You Meet Your Social Media Marketing Goals

Thanks to social media, people today interact in a completely different way than they did only a decade ago. People use sites like Twitter and Facebook to share their own content or content created by someone else. In the right hands, a social media profile can actively contribute to the company’s online presence. Use the tips in the article below to advertise your business through social media.

Be careful if you are considering using a marketing company for social media. A lot of those companies run bad businesses to scam amateurs who do not know better. Some of these companies use fake YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts by using proxy servers with automated registration bots. Though you will see huge amounts of activity, and will pay for it accordingly, your ads will likely not be viewed by anyone at all.

Boast about all your followers if you have social media blog. This might seem strange, but a lot of the times people want to know if you are legitimate before they will interact with you. Talk about your connections on Facebook or Twitter. Don’t forget to include links to other pages that you maintain.

If you want your page to stay up-to-date, automate Twitter. Automation can be set up on your Twitter and it will allow you to auto-tweet things like blog posts from other people. Find blogs that are trustworthy and timely to share regularly with your followers. That way, your pages will stay current and your audience will always have quality content to read.

Freebies are a very popular strategy to consider for your social media website. By hosting a giveaway you will gain many new followers. Simply decide on the freebie, then go to some of the popular freebie social media profiles and post a link to where customers can get the freebie.

Try to focus on the things that people want when you are marketing through social media. If one of your customers has advice you need to ask others if they think that as well. Let them know that you are listening.

Using social media can bring in visitors to your site. Business also benefits when customers share product reviews and other information with their friends and contacts. You need to provide incentives to social media users to spread your information by means of competitions and special offers.

The best social network marketing involves speaking directly to customers on an individual basis. They do not want to communicate with a faceless company. When consumers recognize that they are conversing with someone who cares about them, they are more apt to trust the company.

If you want your customers to find you, you have to be on the websites they use. Do you have a site about home improvement? Visit home decoration sites and post. Do you blog about pets? Offer comments on the websites of the biggest pet store chains. This is a simple way to begin to build a number of followers.

As mentioned earlier, social media has altered the way society shares information. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook give people the chance to share any content with one another quickly. When applied in a proper way, social media becomes a tremendous advertising medium. Keep the information you learned here close by and soon you will be a social media marketing wizard.

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Jumping Ahead

By Monica Sims, iContact Senior Marketing Manager


I, for one, like to be ahead of the game. I’m a planner. I like to have vacations scheduled, parties planned, dates written down. I’m not planning the next vacation while I’m still on the current one, but I do like to have an organized calendar. However, I get the feeling that is going to change dramatically this summer when we have our first child. But in the meantime, I can keep up my planning and enjoy this time of schedules that are kept.

This bodes well for my job, since it is helpful to plan ahead when you’re in marketing. You need to know what’s the next event, what’s coming up that we can use to market in a different way to our customers. Some things I like to plan around as a marketer:

Calendar holidays (Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Fourth of July, etc.)
Time changes (spring forward, fall back)
Season changes (spring cleaning, summer vacation, back to school)

I have a calendar that notes when all of these things happen and when I should start promoting them. It’s an easy way to not forget what’s coming up. I see other marketers do it as well. And note when they start their promotion of the next holiday. Sometimes they are one step ahead of me and give me good ideas on what to do, and sometimes they flub up. This example is a flub, in my opinion.

Note the date on this email. February 15. The flowers hadn’t even wilted yet, chocolates were still in their box (most of them) and King Arthur Flour (KAF) was promoting a holiday that was still over a month away. Now, I love KAF, their emails are aesthetically pleasing, their blog posts can be funny, and I love to bake so I tend to open their emails. But this was jumping ahead a bit too much, even a planner like myself can attest to that.

Perhaps they should have waited a week or maybe even more. I just don’t see the rush in getting a St. Patrick’s Day email out the day after Valentine’s Day. If they had mentioned something in their email about the fact that you have to order that week in order to have the essentials in time for St. Patty’s Day, that’s another thing, but that’s not part of the message.

So as a marketer, I say it’s great to be a planner and be on top of the next holiday or special event, but that doesn’t mean that you jump on it as soon as one holiday is over. I see this too much in the stores, and I’m sure you have too. Decorating for Christmas when it’s not even Halloween; Valentine’s Day cards out the day after Christmas. But just because we see it in the stores doesn’t mean it also has to show up in our inboxes.

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A Quick Guide To Get You Started With Mobile Marketing

A Quick Guide To Get You Started With Mobile Marketing

You need to have some knowledge of what to look for and expect from a mobile marketing plan. You need to know what resources are available to you, and who can provide you answers as to what you need for helping promote your business. The tips in this article can help you with how to start.

Provide instant rewards. With mobile marketing you can give your customers what they want, with no delays. Having a delay can make things lose their value or demand. People will participate in your marketing campaign hoping to get the promised reward. The quicker they get the reward, the happier they will be.

Set up a poll for your marketing campaign. Polls can be set up as a question-response format or a response message. Polls are an excellent source to use to get the options of your customers to your products. Always check with your mobile provider to make sure they can support real-time results for your polls.

Try using QR codes in your mobile marketing. QR stands for ‘quick response’, and the codes themselves are akin to bar codes. They can be scanned by most mobile devices on the market to reveal a message. QR codes are an excellent way to build interactive and engaging mobile campaigns with your target audience. Link the code to a special offer, discount or giveaway message to create real buzz for your brand!

QR codes may be beautiful, but the longer your URL the more complicated they become, and the longer they take to scan. Use a URL like to keep your QR code simple. This will make it quick to download on a potential customer’s mobile device and you won’t end up losing them because of slow load times.

Be sure to advertise your mobile marketing options via other communication channels such as social media sites, print campaigns and your web site. With the tremendous volume of mobile applications and trends available to customers, directing them to your mobile options may be the difference between them signing up and not knowing it is an option.

Make sure your mobile ads are compatible against all platforms, cellular devices and more. Your business must stay accessible to as many mobile users as possible. By ensuring compatibility on all platforms, you maximize your exposure and your business’ ability to reach more customers via the devices they use the most.

Don’t hide who you are in your mobile marketing campaign! The first thing the reader should see is who you are what what you’re selling. Branding your mobile marketing is as important as branding in traditional marketing, so include your logo and any slogan or wording that will remind them of who you are.

As you have seen in these tips, there is a lot of knowledge you can acquire before creating your own mobile marketing plan, and it’s this knowledge that can help promote your business. Do everything you must to find out what techniques to include in your plan that are best for your business needs.

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SMS Marketing: How to Harvest Your Customers’ Mobile Details

SMS Marketing How to Harvest Your Customers Mobile Details

SMS marketing is a huge growth area for businesses of all sizes, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s cheap (texts cost just a few pence, especially if bought in bulk), and it’s easy to track return on investment.

But most of all, SMS marketing is direct and personal. Look at it this way: If you send your customers a marketing email, it’s probably just one of dozens they’ll receive that day. Chances are that only a few of them will open your email, meaning you’d need to send it to thousands of potential customers to make the exercise worthwhile.

That’s not the case with SMS. Most people receive relatively few text messages from businesses (we’ll look at why in a moment), and it’s very hard to ignore a text when it arrives.

If you send 10,000 emails in a marketing campaign, only a few hundred will likely be read—even if you have a brilliant headline, great copy, and a must-have offer. But if you text 10,000 people, you can be pretty sure that nearly all your recipients will read your message. If your conversion rate for SMS marketing is close to your conversion rate for emails, that translates to 10 or 20 times as much business.

Interested? Before you start collecting customers’ mobile numbers for SMS marketing, you need three essentials in place: a great offer, the right technology, and most important—your customers’ trust.

A Question of Trust

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There’s a reason most people don’t get as many marketing texts as they get marketing emails. They see their phone numbers as more personal and more valuable than their email addresses, so they are more careful about whom they trust with their number compared with their email address.

The issue of trust is the great advantage that lies at the heart of SMS marketing. Because people are reluctant to give out their numbers, few businesses have those numbers, and so fewer marketing texts are sent compared with marketing emails. The result is that customers are unlikely to get bored with marketing texts the way they’ve become bored by marketing emails.

But trust is also the greatest obstacle that you, as a would-be SMS marketer, have to overcome. How do you persuade customers and potential customers to hand over their mobile numbers?

Obtaining those numbers comes down to your offering and your relationship with the customers you’re targeting. SMS marketing isn’t always great at converting absolutely new, cold customers who know nothing about your product or your brand (neither is email). But SMS is devastatingly effective when used on warm leads, or—in particular—when used to drive repeat business.

Let’s imagine some scenarios:

You run a restaurant. Some of your customers travel several miles to visit you, and you’d like them to come more often. You collect their mobile numbers and send them the occasional text message—not too many, maybe one every couple of weeks—telling them about a special offer or your Dish of the Day.
You’re an independent financial adviser. You use SMS to quickly notify customers when a great new product comes along.
You run a bike shop, selling new bikes, accessories, and spares. You also offer servicing. You text your customers to tell them about new offers, or to tell them that their bike is ready to pick up, or to notify them when their order has come in.

Those scenarios are based on driving repeat business in situations where customers have a genuine, proven interest in your product or service. They are all, to use the technical term, examples of permission-based marketing.

Getting the Numbers

But how do you persuade your customers to hand over their mobile numbers, and let you use them on a continuing basis?

You’ll first need to establish trust. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have several options open to you. Broadly, methods of acquiring mobile numbers from your customers fall into two categories: indirect and direct.

Indirect acquisition means asking for your customers’ numbers for purely practical reasons (e.g., letting them know their order has arrived, reminding them about service dates, confirming appointments). That tends to be very effective because customers generally find SMS notifications and reminders very useful. However, if you’re planning to use the numbers for further marketing activity, you must get your customers’ active permission. If you don’t, you’ll probably be breaking your country’s data-protection regulations.
Direct acquisition means asking for your customers’ numbers specifically for the purpose of telling them about products and offers. It’s a more upfront approach that tends to have a slightly lower success rate than indirect acquisition, but it deals directly with the problem of permission.

Keeping the Numbers

Once you’ve gotten the mobile numbers, you need to make sure customers remain happy with your marketing. If a customer asks you to stop sending messages, in most countries the law requires that you do indeed stop.

So, to retain the right to use a customer’s number, you have to keep that customer happy. Don’t text too often (maybe one offer every two weeks, unless you’re really sure of the customer’s loyalty), and make sure you’re sending genuinely good offers that are very likely to appeal to them.

Above all, make sure you’re sticking to those data protection rules—both in your country and your recipient’s country (if it’s different from yours).

Different legal systems offer different levels of protection for consumers regarding data security and marketing, but it’s best to do a bit of research before you start your campaign. If you understand the relevant laws, you shouldn’t find them too much of a burden—and they’ll help you deliver a legal, effective, customer-friendly campaign.

Using Technology

Another way to grab your customers’ mobile numbers is a form on your site. That method is effective because it saves time: a number submitted online can be fed directly into your marketing database, ready for automated inclusion in the next round of marketing.

Of course, technology plays a role in how you’ll actually deliver your messages. Obviously, you don’t want to be manually sending each text from your own phone (your thumb would get pretty sore!). That’s why software exists that allows “texting on the computer.” You can send and receive bulk SMS from your computer; you can also manage and build SMS lists.

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