SMS Service Providers (SMS Gateway Providers, SMS Resellers, SMS Brokers)


There is a demand for SMS connectivity from applications that does not require the sending or receiving of large amount of SMS messages. One example is a remote monitoring system. If the remote monitoring system finds that a certain server is not responding, it will send an SMS alert to the system administrator’s mobile phone. This remote monitoring system will have a very small amount of SMS traffic per month since the servers being monitored should be working fine most of the time.

Since a wireless carrier usually does not provide direct SMSC or SMS gateway access to users without a large amount of SMS traffic, some companies come out to fill the gap. These companies are called SMS service providers. There is no minimal purchase requirement or monthly minimum usage requirement for many SMS service providers.

SMS service providers are also known as SMS gateway providers, SMS resellers and SMS brokers because of the following reasons:

SMS gateway providers — An SMS service provider provides an SMS gateway for its users to send SMS messages to. This SMS gateway will then route the SMS messages to another SMS gateway or SMSC.

SMS resellers and SMS brokers — SMS service providers buy a large amount of SMS messages from a lot of wireless carriers at a low price per SMS message. They then sell the SMS messages at a price higher than the cost.

Unlike wireless carriers, many SMS service providers provide detail information about their SMS connectivity service on their web site. For example, you may find the cost of the service, network coverage, protocols supported, developers’ guide, etc, on the web site. Thus, the service of different SMS service providers can be compared easily. If you are not happy with, say the price or network coverage of an SMS service provider, you can simply leave its web site and find another SMS service provider.

Another advantage of using the SMS connectivity services of SMS service providers is that their network coverage is very good. They work hard to cover as many wireless networks as possible so as to make their services attractive. Some SMS service providers can send SMS messages not only to GSM wireless networks, but also to CDMA and TDMA wireless networks.

It is easy to send SMS messages with an SMS service provider. Here are the typical steps:

Register for an account on the SMS service provider’s web site. (An SMS service provider may allow newly registered users to send a few free SMS messages for testing its service quality.)

Log into the account.

Buy a number of credits or SMS text messages online. Many SMS service providers support credit card payment and some also support PayPal.

Send SMS messages using a protocol / interface (e.g. HTTP, email, FTP) supported by the SMS service provider.

SMS service providers can be divided into two categories depending on how they require you to pay for their SMS messaging service:

Credit-based — You purchase a number of credits from the SMS service provider’s web site. Sending one SMS message will cost you one or more credits, depending on the country you send the SMS message to. For example, sending an SMS text message to India might cost you one credit while sending an SMS text message to the US might cost you two credits.

SMS-based — You purchase a number of SMS messages from the SMS service provider’s web site. The cost per SMS message is the same for all destinations. For example, if you purchase ten SMS messages, you can send at most ten SMS messages no matter the destination is India or the US.

The cost per SMS message sent depends on which SMS service provider you choose and how many SMS messages you purchase. It starts at around US $0.06 to US $0.07 per SMS message. The more SMS messages you purchased, the lower the cost of sending one SMS message.

A comparison of some SMS service providers can be found in “SMS Gateway Providers Comparison Table”. You may also want to have a look at the article “How to Choose an SMS Gateway Provider” to learn some of the things that you should consider when choosing an SMS gateway provider for your SMS application.

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Basic Guide When It Comes To Mobile Marketing

Basic Guide When It Comes To Mobile Marketing

It may be difficult to fully understand the field of mobile marketing when you begin to use it, but knowing as much as you can is key to your success. There are so many techniques, codes, applications and formats to make sense of and choose the right ones. Following are some amazing mobile marketing tips that will give your marketing campaign a boost.

Set up an online presence for your business with all possible social networks. You want your business to be seen. Start with the basics, then your business can branch out to more sites. Begin with a simple Facebook page that has your business, then create a custom page for your business on Foursquare.

Remember that people who are using a mobile device to see your website will have a harder time navigating. Mobile-focused websites need to be as easy to use as you can possibly make them. Do not worry if your mobile site looks simple or barren on a computer; it will look a lot better on a customer’s mobile device.

Have your coworkers or employees test the marketing that you send out before you send it to your customers. If you need unbiased opinions, you can hire testers.

Use a Multimedia Messaging Service to send out coupons to get new customers or to reward your current customers. You can send promotional codes in the coupons. The codes are then linked to your mobile site by using a tracking code. Your loyal customers will enjoy being rewarded with coupons, and new customers will be tempted by them.

Give customers something, and get ready to receive much more in return. You need to offer incentives in your mobile marketing campaign. For example, you could offer local event notices, weather updates, or even discounts. However, a coupon offer can increase sales during your campaign.

Instead of using shared short codes, purchase dedicated ones. It can be expensive, up to 2k, but they will be yours. If you keep using the same short code, it will eventually be linked to your company. It is a tiny price to pay and you won’t need to worry about legal problems as well. You can get into trouble if your code sharing company does not follow rules.

You should be able to give feedback on your ads and find a connection with a customer. You may find people telling you to go away or telling you they want more, but either way customer input is too valuable not to garner it at every opportunity!

It is critically important that each of your mobile marketing messages translates well, irregardless of the specific device or platform the reader may use. Every message should read properly on a wide variety of mobile devices, including Apple iOS devices, Android devices, Blackberries and more. It is much easier to have a simpler format and message so that all platforms accept it. The KISS principle shows up strong in mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing is a beneficial tactic to gain knowledge in, and the more you know about it, the better you will do in business ventures. It will be easier to understand what you need. Understanding the information and tips offered above is good way to take the first steps in launching a mobile marketing campaign.

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SMS Gateway provider: your way to successful promotion campaigns

SMS Gateway provider your way to successful promotion campaigns

SMS Server service rendered through SMS gateway software can help business people to receive and send messages online at a nominal cost

With the advent of technology along with a continuous growth in the business front, it has become extremely important to use effective and yet cheap communication channels. Short messages are one of those popular options that today’s marketers use globally. Besides being cost-effective, this service can take personalized messages to the target audience and thereby increases the conversion factor of any investment in the marketing campaign.

It selects the best Gateway options for its users. SMS gateways are SMS Servers, which come with easy to use interface for the users. These special applications make it convenient to send messages and receive SMS messages on mobile phones directly from the computers. The phone can be using a GSM modem or another to be connected to the computer.

APIs send SMSs, and they make applications work better and faster for business functions. APIs are easily integrated. They work along with SMS gateway to provide quality-messaging services.

Telephone carrier companies backup the services of a SMS gateway provider. Each country has its own set of carriers through which the Message sending company is able to provide best services to its clients. Carriers of any other country are not considered for use in the home country where services are being provided by a Message sending company. The company finds that lot of interruptions occur in cases where carriers are not supported with good servers that can give quality service to clients all over the world. Message service provider offers special SMS gateway software for enabling SMS services and running successful SMS campaigns. SOAP/XML API supports the SMS provider’s development environment. This allow for the transfer of all XML data via SOAP, HTTP-POST through internet. A direct or indirect, secured or otherwise, communication is established with Message sending company gateway. This is made possible when API allows it to be so. Messages received or sent can be simple text messages or in mixed format.

There different ways in which XML details are transported through text message API. These methods could be any one out of the following: Via FTP, Via SOAP 1.1 web service or Via HTTP-POST. Complex issues faced during dealings with the Gateway Protocols of a SMS provider can be avoided through smart programming techniques. Text message API created with Java is compatible with all platforms, which have Java in them. The server gets encrypted link, SSL, through this product.

All machines that have installation of interpreters are compatible with PHP applications. PHP is a language, which is interpreted. Proxy server is used for communication. API communicates with the SMS gateway provider’s gateway through port 80 or 443 if encrypted SSL is there. This communication is made possible with the help of proxy server. Bulk SMSs are possible with Gateways. You save both time and money with help from superior technology.

For a businessperson it is always necessary to stay ahead in the completion by using minimum effort and cost to run the business profitably. Short messaging options using a SMS gateway software is one such thing that may bring down the cost as well help appreciably to run very successful marketing campaigns.

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Applying Social Media Marketing To Your Advertising Campaign

Applying Social Media Marketing To Your Advertising Campaign

Have you been thinking about marketing your business through social media but not sure where to start? This article will walk you through the main branches of the social media tree as well as show you ways in which you can cash in on the millions of people visiting these sites daily.

Learn the posting patterns on social sites. The peak traffic times for many of these sites are at 7 A.M., 5 P.M. and 10 P.M. and those are the times that you should be sure to post something new. If you post more than those three times, be sure that you are posting something unique and interesting, but limit the total number of times you post each day.

Use social networks to tell the story of your company. You can personalize your profiles very easily, and you should write good content that reflects the values your company has followed so far. Post updates about your latest projects, let your customers know about new releases, and ask them what they think of potential products.

If your social media marketing campaign involves Twitter, get the most followers you can. The number of Twitter followers an entity has, is now a serious measuring stick of importance in today’s world. Companies always love seeing that their Twitter feed has more followers than their competitors and are quick to point it out to their customers. You should too.

Have links on your main website to your main social media profiles. Your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google+ pages should all be linked from your main website. So, that customers know that they are the official websites for your company, and they can trust the content that is published on those social media sites.

Look at some of the top businesses that are succeeding through social media marketing, and use this as a base for your strategies as you market. Some of the top businesses such as ABC or Dell can offer you great insight on what it takes to be successful and what you should be doing.

Get to know your customers and cultivate relationships that will generate into sales. When you communicate with your customers and ask them to come into your business and meet you, you get to know them on a personal level as well as a social media level. It can be a valuable way to receive input on how your business is doing and how to keep your customers happy.

Once you decide that social media marketing is the thing for you, be sure to post things regularly. By having this consistency, you will have people come and visit you on a regular basis. They will know to expect a new topic from you, and they will know that it will fit their interest.

By utilizing social media, you have found the hub of where people go to get information. Using this to your advantage will get you ahead in marketing your business. This article was designed to show you how and where to effectively use social media to increase your bottom line.

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Way to become a successful SMS reseller

Way to become a successful SMS reseller

Prior to starting SMS reseller business, you should know the basics of the business so that you can take full advantage of this flourishing business. Mobile marketing is the need of the day and demand for bulk SMSs is growing with the inclusion of new mobile users. In this situation, one can make quick money by selling bulk SMSs. But first needs to understand the crux of the business.

It is understood that you would buy bulk messages at low cost and resell those texts at a premium. The service provider would play no role in your profit but you need to know how to determine your profit. You can’t charge any amount from your customers. Taking lessons from your competitors would help you find right price.

It is your clients that would take bring business to you. If you are thinking about marketing your business then you are thinking in right direction. You need to contact businesses and tell them the advantages bulk text messaging for a business. For instance you can contact educational institutions and ask them to use your SMS marketing services. Schools can buy SMSs for updating the parents of their students. Similarly you can contact companies with a huge workforce and ask them to use bulk SMSs for communicating with their employees.

To become a successful SMS reseller, you need to have sound knowledge of computer and applications. Bulk messages are sent using an application. Setting the bulk SMS infrastructure is the responsibility of the SMS service provider and your job would be limited to using the infrastructure in the interest of your clients.

You would receive training for using the application from the service provider and also the service provider would assist you in using the application. But it is you who have to try first. The service provider would be ready to help you but you can’t waste time in waiting for help to come. If you are giving quick and satisfactory SMS marketing services then you might not become a successful SMS reseller.

To become a successful SMS reseller, you need to master the art of making clients, provide satisfactory client service and customizing your services to suit clients’ needs. The job of a reseller involves helping clients get maximum return on their investments. You need to look ways to help your clients with SMS marketing. If you are of the opinion that your job would be to simply send SMSs then you are mistaken.

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SMS Reseller The Perfect Business Solution

Sms Reseller The Perfect Business Solution

An ideal ad agency should also be an SMS reseller. Selling texts is the business of mobile network service providers but selling bulk SMSs is the business of ad agencies and a good number of media companies are reselling texts. They buy SMSs from SMS service providers and sell SMSs to their clients. Since media firms cater to the business interests of a number of clients, they dont have to look for SMS buyers.

You would be amazed to know that every company whether it is a website or a departmental store needs bulk SMS service. Website owners take advantage of bulk SMSs to reaching out to their targeted audiences. They urge people to visit their websites through marketing messages. This advertising method helps and the website owners get genuine customers on their sites.

Some individuals, who have a large followings, also use bulk SMS service to contact their fans and followers. Church sends important messages to its members and in this way keeps its members informed about the upcoming events and prayer meetings. Like church, social organizations also take advantage of bulk SMS service. Social organizations start contacting masses to make their programs a success.

Ad agencies can double their profit within a short time with the help of SMS reseller service. This service would be in addition to the regular services like print ads, pamphlets, audio-visual ads and mass contact programs. Good thing is that the agencies require little investment for starting SMS service. They need to join SMS service providers and buy bulk SMSs from their respective service providers.

Buying bulk SMSs is a meager investment that any ad agency could make. Considering the huge demand for bulk SMSs and the benefit that comes with this service, ad agencies would be interested in starting the mobile marketing service.

The job of an SMS reseller involves buying and reselling text messages. The reseller is trained and equipped for the job. The SMS service provider offers all help and round the clock technical assistance to its business partners. Actually it is the reseller that brings business for the SMS service provider. He makes clients and sells SMSs. It can be said that the reseller makes money for the SMS service provider.

There is no hassle in starting SMS reseller business. Also it is not necessary that only ad agencies could start this business. Anyone, who has computer, Internet access and a strong will to start his own business, can become a reseller.

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Build Up Your Social Media Marketing Now With These Great Ideas

Build Up Your Social Media Marketing Now With These Great Ideas

When marketing with social media, you should use high-quality media contact that will attract a lot of traffic. It is not always easy to establish your reputation with the flood of pointless information that customers must wade through. The best way to go about using powerful media is by understanding your targeted audience and following some of the advice that will be discussed in the article below.

Utilize YouTube to get people interested in your other business ventures. YouTube is used and enjoyed by many people. You can take advantage of this by knowing how to set up a YouTube profile. Provide visitors with useful information concerning your business and its offerings. You should also make certain that links to your website are available on the profile.

Keep track of how your competitors are using social media and the different marketing tools available. Figure out what techniques are driving sales and what strategies are doing more harm than good. Apply the methods that seem to work best with your target audience, and do your best to stay ahead of your competitors.

Pay attention to what your followers have to say. When you receive feedback, let the person know you appreciate it. After this you should ask a few more to understand their point. When feedback is especially useful, take note of it. You may see trends in the suggestions and comments that prove especially valuable.

Place social networking widgets on your website to maximize exposure. This is an easy way for visitors to share your site. It also simplifies many processes for your visitors, like re-tweeting or voting on a contest.

Making your social media posts into lists is a great organizational step to take if you want to save time when it comes to formatting content. This not only allows you to present information with concision, but the numerals can highlight the relative importance of each point you make. Social media users are typically from the younger generation, and they like to consume information quickly and easily.

One thing social media marketing needs to have is to attach the keyword ads to the links that have something to do with those keywords. The page you link to will be your blog, product page or social media page. Also, remember to update these pages frequently. In short, just remember that your ads need to be related to the keywords, and the landing destination has to be relevant and attractive.

Promoting your business with twitter means having a two way conversation with your followers. Remember to say thank you when your name or business is spoken about and to directly provide responses to any questions that are asked. This will help you to establish and maintain a more solid foundation with your potential customers. When you stay in touch with people, you come across as a genuine person, rather than some faceless business.

The basic principals of social network marketing are very important in making your business grow. It is great to build an initial buzz, but if a firm is to endure, ongoing profit generation is key. The information touched on in the above paragraphs is a great way to begin that journey.

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