AvidMobile SMS Reseller Program Review

AvidMobile SMS Reseller Program Review

Read this AvidMobile SMS reseller review to learn more about the SMS reseller program available through AvidMobile. The reseller program from AvidMobile makes it possible for a company already offer marketing solutions to add text marketing to their current services. Alternatively, an individual can use the SMS reseller program to create a complete stand-alone business offering only mobile marketing. Visiting the AvidMobile site provides only a simple overview of the services and possibilities of the AvidMobile platform. To get any detailed information, an interested party will have to provide some basic information such as name, email address, and mobile number. After providing this information AvidMobile will then send pricing and program details to the interested party.

In this AvidMobile SMS reseller program review we will give you some of the basic information we were able to gather about  AvidMobile plans, features, and pricing structure. First, we will take a look at the standard features list that is included in each of the Enterprise Level Marketing plans:

Some of the more advanced features that are available on any of  Enterprise Level Marketing plans include MMS (multimedia messaging service), API (application programming interface) to integrate with any platform, web opt-in widgets/iFrames, mobile coupons, customizable billing and reporting, 2 shared short codes per account, and advanced reporting. AvidMobile tries to cover all the bases so that an SMS reseller can meet the needs of a large variety of clients. We were not able to view any actual video tutorials to see how easy or complicated the platform is, but AvidMobile does say their SMS reseller program includes full training with industry specific Power-Point presentations.

AvidMobile also offers some additional features:

Appointment Scheduling through Text Messaging
2-way Chat
Mobile Website/App Creation
Text2Donate – Mobile Giving
Custom API Integration
Dedicated/Premium Short Codes
QR Code Generator
Built in URL Shortener
Social Media Management – Twitter and Facebook

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